Kurt Henson

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Kurt Henson


Kurt Henson in Byron Bay

Kurt is a man of many talents! One of them is contributing to Surf Sister. Kurt has a degree in Internet Communications with Curtin University. Kurt loves to surf and has done so for most of his life.

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Lauren Hill

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lauren hill

Lauren Hill

Free surfer, thinker and cool chick. Lauren is an educated, passionate person concerned about our ocean and marine animals. Focused on treading softly on the earth and living a sustainable lifestyle. While raising awareness and catching some waves.
Lauren's new project is the Sea Kin Zine, an environmental and cultural organisation of people interconnected by a higher sense of responsibility for the planet. Which has come from traveling and meeting amazing, passionate women and men taking responsibility for their slice of ocean.

Lauren Tober

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lauren tober surf

Dr. Lauren Tober in the Byron Shire

Lauren is a yogi, clinical psychologist, photographer and beach lover (and loves to bring these passions together).  After spending years travelling the world studying and teaching, you can now find her living and teaching in the Byron Shire and online.   blog   facebook

Ming Nomchong

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ming nomchong

Photographs by Ming Nomchong

Specialising in lifestyle, travel and anything that has to do with the sea, surf and sun, Ming Nomchong is a freelance photographer based in Byron Bay, Australia.

Ming's untiring passion for creating beautifully captivating images sees Ming constantly traveling the world to shoot. But her favourite place in the world where she keeps coming back to over and over again, has and will always be, the magical Byron Bay.

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Narani Henson

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narani henson


Narani Henson in Byron Bay

"My love for the ocean was installed at a young age. Surfing and my art is something that I can lose myself in, what can I say its good for my soul". Narani Henson has a diploma of Fine Arts from Meadowbank TAFE and a bachelor of Fine Arts from Curtin University. Google+  facebook


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