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Is that her? Wait a minute, it is Her! Brittani Nicholl surfs in the Kirra Teams Challenge

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Brittani Nicholl on Kirra Teams challenge

I was sitting out at D'Bah over the weekend, relaxing, enjoying the fun little peaks on offer with what seemed to only be around 200 other weekend sliders. The normal weekend crowd had been condensed into the northern end of the beach due to the Kirra Teams Challenge taking place on the nice right hander pealing down the break wall at the southern end of the beach.

In between the two waves I was able to catch in a two hour period I spotted out of the corner of my eye a lady with a familiar style sporting a white competitor shirt throwing buckets of spray off the right hand walls, one minute the beach commentators were discussing the size of some girls Brazilian bikini the next they were praising the efforts Brittani and her smooth and powerful forehand style.

Fortunately Carly Brown was scaling the large blocks that make up the break wall, camera in hand and sent us through a few pics of Brittani taking on the men. With the images in the inbox I gave Brittani a call to see how she ended up in the Kirra Teams Challenge and whats in-store for the Australian Champ over the next few months.

Brittani Nicholl on photo by Carly Brown

Which club were you representing at the Kirra Teams Challenge, and how long have you been surfing for them?

I've been surfing with the Kirra Surfriders Club for over a year now. The team I represented at the Kirra Teams Challenge was Surf Riders, which was one of the teams put together by the Kirra Surfriders.

How did you end up in amongst all the boys?

I'm not sure how I ended up in amongst all the boys. I got a text message from our club president a few days before the event asking if I wanted to surf for one of our teams in the event. I had a think about it & didn't really know what the format was but I decided to go with it & put on the contest singlet a few days later, in the second day of the event.

Was it good pulling on the comp shirt and surfing D'Bah ahead of the Trials?

I thought it'd be a good warm up for me to surf a heat against the boys at D'bah considering I have the Roxy Pro Trials this week & with the way Snapper is looking it is a possibility that the trials will be held at D'bah.
The banks are pretty good at D'bah at the moment and a lot more consistent than what Snapper has been.

Brittani Nicholl on

The banks look good at D'Bah, do you think that some of the events scheduled for the next few weeks will be held there?

Although in saying that, they've been pumping more sand and it's not looking that bad. If the bank at Snapper gets a little more sand than what they've just pumped there, it could be good with a little more swell. I surfed it yesterday afternoon & it was very small & very crowded with little kids but it definitely had potential.

You look comfortable surfing the peaky ramps on offer at D'Bah, do you surf there much?

I've been surfing D'bah over this last week & the waves have been kind of fun, over the years I've surfed both of these places a fair bit. Being able to surf the trials at Snapper with no more than 3 other people out is a dream come true, but it'll all depend on the conditions on the day as to whether or not it'll be held there.

Brittani Nicholl at the Kirra Teams challenge photo Carly Brown on

A few more nice shots courtesy of

Brittani Nicholl displacing some water with a rail turn on

Brittani Nicholl throwing a few buckets on

Whats on your schedule for the next few weeks?

My schedule for the next few weeks is pretty full on, it consists of the,
Roxy Pro Trials on the 24th of Feb
Beach Burrito NSW Open State Titles at Cronulla on the 3-4th March
Womens 6star, Hunter Ports Women Classic at Newcastle from 12-17th March
Womens 6star, Telstra Drug Aware Pro at Margaret River from 19-25th of March.

Want to stay in the loop with Brittani visit her site:

Thanks for the Photos Carly, you rock!


Carly Brown in Byron Bay

''It's all about the stories - To LIVE, SURF, TRAVEL, SKATE and CREATE by the OCEAN. I have always had an obsession with waves and photography. I am lucky enough to be able to capture and share these moments amongst the other loves of my life - my family, friends and the creative hub we live in.''

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