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Shooting With Maddy

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maddy phillips

"I'd like to introduce Maddy Phillips from the Sunshine Coast, Australia. She's a brand ambassador for Surfkini and SaltGypsy through surfing and traveling. Shooting with Maddy is so good because we are both laid back and keen to shoot whenever it suits, she's an awesome chick and great surfer! Yew!"

Words of Alex Benaud.

"Aloha, names Maddy or Madz :) 19 years old and I live on the beautiful sunshine coast in a little rad surfy town called Noosa Heads.

Can't keep me out of the water for too long otherwise ill go crazy! Been surfing for around 10 years and every moment spent in the water is a moment I never want to forget. I've been traveling as a surf guide for the last year teaching and surf guiding in the Maldives and Mexico for a company called Tropicsurf. And its been incredible!

My sponsors Saltgypsy and Surfkini Australia have watched my amazing travels unfold and have supported me the whole way, thanks girls! Definite more travel for uncrowded perfection is what I will always be chasing!"


Photographs by Alex Benaud.

Alex Benaud

Alex Benaud on the Sunshine Coast

Just graduated high school on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland. Alex got into photography about 1 year ago and is an emerging surf photographer. Alex was recently featured in 18 seconds magazine with two double page spreads, with plans to study and hopefully travel. Alex has been mostly involved around the surf scene in regards to photography but is slowly exploring modelling and architecture shots.

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