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SurfWorld Gold Coast and the Australian Surf Craft Industry Association Inc. proudly presents "Manufacturing Stoke", a movie that explores the culture, the community and the multi billion dollar global industry behind the sport of surfing.

The movie will be screened at Surfworld Museum on Wednesday 23rd May, and is a celebration of all aspects of surfing. No other sport is intrinsically linked to nature. Some call it a spiritual experience, most call it indescribable.

The story begins in the 1960′s, the golden era of surfing, a time of innocence and discovery. Surf culture erupted onto the collective consciousness and became the epitome of cool.

Fast forward to December 5th, 2005 and the closing of Clark Foam for environmental purposes, the largest surf blanks manufacturer in the world. Not only was the event a wake-up call for many to shift from petroleum-base products to more eco-friendly materials, it also reframed the foundation of a stagnant culture.

Enter surfing’s renaissance, an era where the new generation is completely changing what it means to be a surfer. And amid timid efforts from the industry’s biggies, a plethora of grassroots up-and-comers is redefining what a surfer is supposed to ride. From wooden surfboards, handplanes and alaias to recycled blanks and organic clothing, wave riding is taking on a new soul.

Entry to the event is $10 and doors open from 6:00pm for a 6:30pm start. Beers and sausages will be available.

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