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jenny boggis

I got to talk with one of the influential ladies of surf... Jenny Boggis Surf Coach extraordinaire. Jenny has first handedly been part of professional woman's surfing for most of her life. Now based in Lennox Head in northern N.S.W, Jenny is a sort after surf coach that has worked with a lot of professional and free surfers to develop style whilst focusing on technique.

"Competitive surfers are very passionate about surfing and everyone is out there to have fun, free surfer or competitive, its one big sisterhood and everyone is doing it for the same reason.… all these people love surfing and the ocean is amazing! With no other feeling like it! Some people choose to do it at as a career, at a competitive level if you loose the 'fun' you wont succeed, just like if you lose the passion for anything in your life you will not succeed... Surf coaching is for everyone, not just people who want to do competition, it is for anyone that wants to progress."

With a results list that fills up a page and a half this humble water woman talked about what it was like traveling the world and surfing great waves. With her surfing career taking off after she won the Junior World Title in 1995. Jenny was picked up by Billabong and loved traveling to all the different events. After retiring from competition Jenny went to T.A.F.E and studied fitness training.

"I did cert. 3 and 4 fitness training and did my coaching accreditation, incorporating the two. I worked with Surfing Australia High Performance Center in Cabarita. Starting up my own business when I finished T.A.F.E, As Surf Coach and Fitness Trainer. I worked with the Billabong girls as many roles; chaperone, coach, mentor, with the junior series. It was full on but I loved it. Then I work with the WQS and WCT girls, and I was back traveling the world again. I really love the reverse role I have now, I really want to help people do there best that they can do."

I was very curious what a session with Jenny entailed and how she works with her clients. So I got her to run through what she actually does when she is coaching.

" Breaking down surfing, mind surfing... Breaking surfing down technically and working on bio mechanical movements of that individual person. As well as working on proprioception, which is linking the body and the mind. I only work with my own clients these days and private sessions. Some of the different things I ofter are; 2 hour session with video analysis, working on technique, wave usage skills and bio mechanics, competition straggles (if applicable). I have a hand full of elite girls that I work with, one is Georgia Fish and she has moved up to be with me here at Lennox. I work with whatever level of surfer, I adapt my coaching to their personality and their standard, everyone no matter what level you are can benefit from video analysis. It's a good tool for seeing what your doing in the water. Skateboards are a great way to develop technique on the land too."

Because Jenny has such a career built on a personal passion for surfing, I couldn't help but ask her opinion of women's surfing today. What her thought's are having been part of the progression for so many years, This is what she had to say...

"The QS needs to open up the numbers now, the demand is there. Girls are finding it hard to get a foot in. Lory Kelly, Byron girl that I have been training has no seating points. Even though she is a solid surfer she can't compete. Women's surfing has really stepped up so lets match the numbers with the quality. In general there are so many different levels of women's surfing and it is great to see the numbers of ladies in the water has really grown... Its fantastic!"

And I know that its another cliche question to ask a coach but I really wanted to share the wealth of knowledge that was sitting at the table with me. I asked if there was one thing that every SurfSister could work on at home (so to speak). And Jenny's reply...

"Ocean skills, being at one with the ocean, the better you know the ocean the better waves you will get. My Dad was a professional fisherman, I was always in my dad's shadows and he taught me about the weather. I really love the weather associated with the coast and it has become a real passion. I love to look at the maps and forecasts, tracking the weather, watch the full moon and new moon effecting the ocean."

Jenny Boggis

Jenny Boggis


Jenny boggis


Jenny has her level 2 Surf Coaching (the highest), is a Personal fitness trainer, is a Ex Professional Surfer, was the Billabong Women's Team Coach and Trainer, is All Girls Surfriders Club Coach. And much much more!

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Words by Narani Henson

Narani Henson


Narani Henson in Byron Bay

" My love for the ocean was installed at a young age. Surfing and my art is something that I can lose myself in, what can I say its good for my soul". Narani Henson has a diploma of Fine Arts from Meadowbank TAFE and a bachelor of Fine Arts from Curtin University. Google+ redbubble facebook





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