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byron bay

I wrote a little piece about Byron Bay, after my visit. I just wanted to express how Byron made an effect on me! I also attached a few pictures... I got the chance to take at Main Beach in Byron and The Pass before the rain would settle back in.

Byron is renowned for capturing the heart of people, and it most certainly has captured mine. I recently took a brief six day holiday to the beautiful coastal town, which I can guarantee you wasn’t long enough.

I found on my visit that the major asset of Byron is the community. It is full of poets, healers, surfers and skaters just to mention a few. These amazing people are only a part of what makes Byron Bay a Heaven on Earth.

The coastal town is running wild with natural beauty that awakens you to a feeling of transformation. It awakens a spiritual like feeling inside you that has either been discovered for the first time, or been rekindled after being lost. It is this feeling that allows you to discover the truest meaning of life, which is to always be happy and positive, a feeling that was awoken within me while I was there.

This feeling made everything so much clearer and allowed me to see the bigger picture. What I came away with was the sense that I personally want to aim to make life fun! And be an example of this infectious happiness to make those around me happy at all time. 
Byron’s vibe rubs off well on its locals, as although they are not shy about being happy and positive, and trust me every person I passed in the street had permanent smiles. During my visit, this was made very clear by a few of the locals, with them saying, “that there should be a law made that if you are walking around the streets of Byron without the super silliest smile on your face, then you should be put on the first bus, train or plane out of here.”  

All in all, Byron is a terrific destination for those who wish to rediscover the true meaning of life, as the town isn’t about money or commercialism, but rather the simple things – true happiness. It allows you to embrace the true beauty of the world and see the true beauty in others. It’s not only a beautiful environment but a state of mind. It is the last defense of the individual or as one local once was heard quoting “the truth is out there – and so are we.”

 byron bay

byron bay

byron bay

Words by Raven Waugh

raven waugh

Rave Waugh of Newcastle, Cree Photography

I have been engaged in the world of photography for the past couple of years, I love photographing the ocean, and love the surfing lifestyle, because it’s a condition that’s always changing and an element that will keep you second guessing and on edge just like life.

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