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Are there any women shapers out there? Not that Surf Sister has been able to find… but I have happened across a water women that is designing surfboard shapes with women in mind. Caroline Jackson is the owner and manager of Hawaiki Surfboards and acts as a bridge between surfer girl and shaper.

Females have different needs in a surfboard and a good shaper will take into consideration the following: Your surfing ability, what board you have previously been riding and what you want to get out of your next board. For ladies out there that aren't confident rocking into a shaping bay of their local surfboard factory and ordering a board, Caroline has made it easy.

Caroline breaks down logic behind why Hawaiki surfboards are specifically designed for girls:


BODY SHAPE, The female body shape comes in many shapes and sizes, from the pear (hips and thighs) to the hour glass (chest, hips and thighs), busty to petite. Most females have smaller frames than males, including smaller hands (paddles) and smaller feet (rudder).
WEIGHT DISTRIBUTION, Weight in the female figure is commonly distributed in the chest, hip and thigh areas.
MUSCLE STRENGTH, The core muscles that are primarily used in surfing are the upper arms, shoulders, back, abdominal and thighs; these muscles are generally not as large as those on male bodies. The core abdominal area on the female body is usually a lot softer with less muscular development.
BALANCE, The point of balance when standing is a lot different to males as females need to counter balance for the chest and hips, therefore it is common the more weight is placed towards the rear of the surfboard towards the back foot. The lower abdomen is a nurturing area and it is natural instinct to be protective of this; a female surfers balance point is influenced by this protective stance.

Caroline's main message is that the surfboard designs of Hawaiki Surfboards will allow you to catch more waves, ride for longer down the line and have more fun!

Words by Narani Henson

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