What Colour Are You?

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I have been thinking of the colour of things, people (not in terms of race) and of emotion.
After a fun filled day of indulgence with my 5 year old - art in the park, an amazing organic cafe lunch (MY idea of heaven) and then a movie - I think my colour is red.

The colour just came to me and although it is often associated with anger, it is also associated with passion. Today my passion was all about fun. I feel as though I have nourished my mind (hey, I'm writing this aren't I?), my soul (the look on my daughters face was awesome to say the least) and my body (lunch was unreal).
That is my true passion, the holy grail of fulfillment of mind, soul and body. This will always be different for everyone, and tolerance and acceptance of each others differences is always key when discussing this topic.

At the moment, my home is clean (although extremely messy at this point in time!), my curtains don't match and there are a number of 'things to be done'………….BUT I have a fridge full of fresh food that will nourish my body, I am following my dreams and I am surrounded by people that love me.

The curtains, mess and 'things to be done' will not be something that I remember in 10 years time - I may be living in this house, or I may not be - but I will certainly be living in this body/mind and soul though.
So how do you fulfill the three biggies???

Starting with an unprocessed diet, clean water, exercise you enjoy (surfing!) and empowering relationships will enrich your life tenfold.
Lets give this more thought than the other stuff.
So my colour today is red - tomorrow it may be green……….but it will not be the colour I aspire to have as curtains!!!!
Whats your colour today????


Words by Katie Barron

katie Barron


Katie Barron in Cabarita Beach.

Katie is passionate about life and healthy lifestyle, and is in final stages of completing her bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy) at Endeavor Collage of Natural Health.

To contact Katie Barron, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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