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Disturbing new footage has just been revealed, documenting the destruction caused by common tuna fishing practices.

The footage was captured by a whistleblower within the tuna industry. It is not for the fainthearted as it contains graphic killings of dolphins, manta rays and marlin – common victims of industrial tuna fishing techniques.

WARNING: Video contains disturbing images

This footage gruesomely documents how the majority of the world’s tuna is caught – with purse seine nets and FADs (fish aggregating devices). Greenpeace is calling for an end to this destructive fishing method, which not only obliterates tuna stocks, it kills huge amounts of other marine life like sharks and rays.

Stopping the destruction

Right now we are at sea documenting and taking action against wasteful and illegal fishing activities. We’re also calling for a ban on FADs at a key fisheries meeting this December, and we’re pressuring the canned tuna industry, which props up this ocean destruction.
When you buy a can of tuna in Australia, it will most likely have been caught using harmful purse seine nets with FADs. Brands like John West – the biggest canned tuna supplier in Australia – have a responsibility to end their role in the oceans crisis.

Some brands have already taken responsibility. Safcol is the first Aussie brand to go completely FAD-free and only sell tuna caught using the sustainable method, pole and line. Greenseas has committed to rule out FADs by at least 2015, and Coles and Woolworths have now released a sustainable range. Yet the supermarket giants still refuse to rule out FADs for most of their products.

Australia remains a long way behind the UK, where the entire canned tuna industry has committed to sustainable tuna.

Help us avoid more of the gruesome destruction that takes place in the middle of the ocean and makes its way onto our supermarket shelves.

TAKE ACTION: Tell the canned tuna industry to change their tuna

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