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The Australian Government Lets Us Down Again

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Three Australians who boarded the Shonan Maru No 2l to r: Glen Pendlebury, Geoffrey Tuxworth, and Simon PeterffyDuring the Boer War, Harry “Breaker” Morant and Peter Handcock were made scapegoats for the British Empire when Australia signed off on their execution to satisfy their colonial masters in Great Britain. They died for carrying out the orders of British Field Marshal Horatio Herbert Kitchener who needed a couple of colonial soldiers to sacrifice to appease the German Kaiser.

In the interest of not upsetting the British, Australia betrayed two of her own citizens to their death. That was 1902.

Yesterday, Australians Geoffrey Tuxworth, Simon Peterffy and Glen Pendlebury were made expendable political scapegoats to appease the Japanese. Australia’s attorney general Nicola Roxon has been quick to condemn these three brave men by saying they were detained by the Japanese in international waters and Australia would be powerless to stop them being taken back to Japan.


Three Australian Prisoners Now Detained on a Japanese Whaler in Australian Waters

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Shonan Maru #2Shonan Maru #2Early this morning The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society assisted Forest Rescue Australia in a complex and daring move to board the Shonan Maru #2 in waters off Bunbury, Western Australia

Geoffrey Owen Tuxworth (47) of Perth, Simon Peterffy (44) of Bunbury and Glen Pendlebury (27) of Fremantle, all from Forest Rescue came by boat from shore to intercept the Japanese vessel the Shonan Maru #2 which was tailing the Sea Shepherd ship the Steve Irwin 16.2 miles off the coast and 22 miles Northwest of Bunbury, Western Australia. The Shonan Maru's position when boarded was 32 degrees, zero minutes south and 115 degrees, 21 minutes east. They were met by two small boats from the Steve Irwin. The boats approached the Shonan Maru under the cover of darkness and the three negotiated their way past the razor wire and spikes and over the rails to sucessfuly board the Japanese whaling vessel.


Oceanic Research and Conservation Action Force

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Laurens De Groot Sea Shepherd Conservation Society has re-established O.R.C.A.FORCE and has appointed Laurens De Groot of the Netherlands to be the lead officer of this international, land-based Sea Shepherd unit charged with doing investigations and interventions against illegal activities, which exploit marine life and marine habitats.

O.R.C.A. FORCE will be able to go where Sea Shepherd ships cannot go and with less expense. Last year Laurens and Steve Roest led a Sea Shepherd campaign to Namibia to investigate the Namibian seal slaughter. It was a dangerous and controversial campaign but the end result was that they were both invited back to Namibia to meet with government officials to discuss ways to end the illegal killing of the seals in Namibia.

Laurens has been a veteran of numerous Sea Shepherd campaigns in the Southern Ocean and in Namibia. He is a former Rotterdam police officer and a student of martial arts.

The O.R.C.A.FORCE crew will be trained investigators and also skilled in infiltration, documentation, evidence gathering, and other related skills.  They will also be utilizing the latest technologies in satellite imagery, drones, and internet investigations.


Sea Shepherd Ship Severely Damaged by Rogue Wave

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Steve Irwin Responding to Distress Call from the Brigitte Bardot

Brigitte BardotBrigitte Bardot in the Mediterranean
photo: Michelle McCarron
While fighting heavy seas in pursuit of the Japanese whaling fleet, the Sea Shepherd scout vessel Brigitte Bardot was struck by a rogue wave that has cracked the hull and severely damaged one of the pontoons on the vessel.

Captain Paul Watson, onboard the Sea Shepherd flagship Steve Irwin, reports that they are fighting heavy seas to reach the position of the Brigitte Bardot some 240 miles to the southeast. It is expected to take twenty hours to reach the damaged vessel.

The Brigitte Bardot is at 51 degrees 42 minutes South and 99 Degrees 21 minutes East, or 1500 miles southwest of Fremantle, Western Australia.


Sea Shepherd Intercepts the Japanese Whaling Fleet with Drones

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Second Mate Peter Brown launches the drone from the Steve Irwin.Second Mate Peter Brown launches the drone from the Steve Irwin.The Sea Shepherd crew has intercepted the Japanese whaling fleet on Christmas Day, a thousand miles north of the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary.

The Sea Shepherd ship, Steve Irwin, deployed a drone to successfully locate and photograph the Japanese factory ship Nisshin Maru on December 24th. Once the pursuit began, three Japanese harpoon/security ships moved in on the Steve Irwin to shield the Nisshin Maru to allow it to escape.

This time however the Japanese tactic of tailing the Steve Irwin and the Bob Barker will not work because the drones, one on the Steve Irwin and the other on the Bob Barker, can track and follow the Nisshin Maru and can relay the positions back to the Sea Shepherd ships.

“We can cover hundreds of miles with these drones and they have proven to be valuable assets for this campaign,” said Captain Paul Watson on board the Steve Irwin.

The drone named Nicole Montecalvo was donated to the Steve Irwin by Bayshore Recycling of New Jersey, and Moran Office of Maritime and Port Security, also of New Jersey.


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