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Australian government is threatening to charge Sea Shepherd $200,000

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The Sea Shepherd anti-whaling group says the government is threatening to charge them about $200,000 in taxes if they don't take their ships to another country before returning to Australia to refuel.

Speaking in the Southern Ocean, where he is looking for Japanese whalers, Sea Shepherd activist Paul Watson lashed out at the Australian government.

"Their latest thing is that we can't come back to Australia to refuel unless we go to another country first, which means we would have to go one week out of our way to get to New Zealand and come back," Mr Watson said.

"If we don't, they will charge something like $200,000 on taxes on the fuel that we took," he said.


Japan Unleashes a Tsunami of Muscle Against Sea Shepherd

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File photo: Japanese Coast Guard personnel hurl flash bang grenades during Operation Migaloo in 2008File photo: Japanese Coast Guard personnel hurl flash bang grenades during Operation Migaloo
in 2008
Armed Security ships, mercenary thugs, Coast Guard officers, heavy weight public relations firms, and lawyers!

Thirty million dollars buys a great deal of influence and can exert immense pressure when defending an illegal activity.

In an act of desperation, the Japanese whalers armed with a war chest of some $US30 million allocated by the Japanese government from the tsunami earthquake relief fund are throwing a great deal of muscle into their efforts to stop the Sea Shepherd ships from saving whales this season.

The latest move has the Japanese whalers filing a lawsuit in a U.S. Court to prohibit Sea Shepherd from intervening against illegal Japanese whaling operations. Sea Shepherd dismisses this suit as frivolous and nothing more than the whalers attempting to use litigation as a weapon against Sea Shepherd.

“We have won this round already,” said Captain Paul Watson. "Last season we defeated the whalers and sent them home in humiliation after they were only able to kill 17% of their quota. This year will be more challenging. Thirty million dollars buys a great deal of influence and we are expecting a full onslaught of harassment and bureaucratic obstacles from Japan and from the governments, courts and media they are able to influence.

“It will be a challenging season and the most dangerous campaign to date as we head down for our eighth year of interventions against the whale poachers of the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary.”


Sea Shepherd Welcomes Champion Pro Surfer Stephanie Gilmore to its International Board of Advisors

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Sam Simon and Paul WatsonSam Simon and Paul WatsonAcademy Award-winning actor and producer Sean Connery, best known as the original James Bond, has joined the International Advisory Board of Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, the world’s leading marine wildlife conservation nonprofit organization. Connery joins the SSCS advisory board alongside two valued new additions: four-time Women’s World Surfing Champion Stephanie Gilmore and Emmy Award-winning Writer, Producer and Director/Co-Creator of The Simpsons, Sam Simon.


Australian Government Attempts to Sabotage Sea Shepherd’s Campaign to Defend the Whales

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Photo: Barbara VeigaPhoto: Barbara VeigaOn the eve of Sea Shepherd and its three ships' departure to defend whales in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary, the government of Australia has tossed an obstruction in our path designed to delay our plans to confront the Japanese whaling fleet.

Chris Aultman, who has been our helicopter pilot annually since 2005, was today denied his visa to Australia. He was not given a reason for this decision.

Chris Aultman, a United States citizen, a veteran of the U.S. Marine Corp, a professional helicopter pilot, a star of Animal Planet’s Whale Wars series, and a man who does not have a criminal record, has been told he will not be permitted a visa to enter Australia. The Australian Embassy in Washington D.C. would not give him a reason.

It appears that the Japanese ambassador to Australia has been making phone calls.


Lush helps Sea Shepherd fight illegal whaling

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This Wednesday 30 November at 2.30pm in Lush QVB, Sea Shepherd Captain Paul Watson, will launch Lush’s new Divine Whale soap, a limited-edition product to help raise funds for Sea Shepherd’s anti-whaling mission in the Southern Ocean whale sanctuary.

The launch comes days before Sea Shepherd’s vessels, The Steve Irwin, Bob Barker and Bridgette Bardot, embark on their journey to the remote waters of Antarctica for their 8th Antarctic Whale Defense Campaign - Operation Divine Wind - with a stronger anti-whaling fleet than ever before.

Sea Shepherd Australian Director, Jeff Hansen, says, “During its past seven campaigns, Sea Shepherd has saved the lives of over 2,781 whales and has exposed illegal whaling activities in the Southern Ocean whale sanctuary to the entire world. Last season, 863 Whales were saved from the brutal harpoons of the whaling fleet.

“During the 1900s, the majority of soap was made from whale blubber, making the launch of Lush’s Divine Whale soap even more significant. Lush’s strict no animal testing policy and its dedication to creating ethical, sustainable cosmetics makes us proud to stand alongside them.”

Lush and Sea Shepherd give you the whale Soap on Surf Sister

Divine Whale soap ($4.95) is fragranced with uplifting essential oils of sweet orange and tangerine. It will be available in Lush stores nationally from December 1, 2011, with all profits donated to Sea Shepherd’s Operation Divine Wind campaign.

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