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Sea Shepherd and Western Australians Rally for the Sharks!

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Image © Klaus Jost – www.jostimages.comIn response to a recent Sea Shepherd editorial published in the Sydney Morning Herald, along with an online petition to prevent a shark cull organized by Ryan Kempster and the NARC dive club, Western Australia’s (WA) sharks have been given a reprieve, for the moment at least.

Over 19,000 people signed a petition to prevent a cull of WA’s sharks in favor of adopting non-lethal shark monitoring measures. As a result, an announcement was made from WA Fisheries Minister Norman Moore stating that the state government is set to invest more than $13.65 million over the next five years to help reduce the potential risk of shark attacks with the introduction of non-lethal shark mitigation strategies. These measures include increased aerial surveillance; a SMS public alert system, a dedicated shark response unit to tag and track resident sharks, and a boost to shark research funding in WA.


Eco-Pirate: The Story of Paul Watson

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A documentary about a man on a mission to save the planet and its oceans. From the genesis of Greenpeace to the sinking of a pirate whaling ship off Portugal, and from clashes with fisherman in the Galapagos to Watson's recent headline-grabbing battles with the Japanese whaling fleet in Antarctica, ECO-PIRATE chronicles the extraordinary life of the most controversial figure in the environmental movement.


Japan has used Tsunami and Earthquake Relief Funds to Subsidize Illegal Whaling

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Commentary by Captain Paul Watson

Sea Shepherd on

After the horrific tragedy of March 11th, hundreds of thousands of Japanese people had their lives permanently altered by the triple blow of the earthquake, the tsunami, and the nuclear horror of Fukushima.

People from around the world responded generously and millions of dollars poured into Japan to help the many families who lost their children, parents, homes, and worldly possessions.


Targeting the whale hunters: on patrol with Sea Shepherd

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Targeting the whale hunters: on patrol with Sea Shepherd on

One month to go before the beginning of Operation Divine Wind. The Bob Barker is in Sydney and fully prepared for the campaign. The Brigitte Bardot is in the Indian Ocean and the Steve Irwin is in the Mediteranean. Both ships are bound for Fremantle, Australia.


Operation Infinite Patience Week 5

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Another Week of Mass Murder in the Cove - Seashepherd on

Another Week of Mass Murder in the Cove

Report by Cove Guardians Leader Rosie Kunneke

Last week I reported about the pod of 17 false killer whales that were captured by the dolphin killers of Taiji. For three days after their capture, we watched the dolphin killers bring in various groups of buyers who were interested in buying a false willer whale for their respective (dolphin)arium. On Tuesday, October 11, we were met by a horrible site when we arrived at the harbor at 5:20 a.m. as usual. The dolphin killers were busy capturing some of the captive false killer whales and tying them onto the side of the skiffs. In the limited spotlight, we observed them taking two of the whales at a time, around the corner to the killing cove. Under the cover of darkness that morning, seven beautiful false killer whales were brutally murdered. While half the dolphin killers were killing these majestic mammals, the other half left the harbor to go hunting with the first rays of sunlight. We saw them chase a pod for a while but luckily, this pod outsmarted the killers and escaped a brutal death or a cruel lifetime of captivity.


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